Katy Corner [Works]


Born in London in 1956, Katy Corner lived most of her life in Wellington, New Zealand.

Katy's commitment to the New Zealand art scene is manifest in her work as an art critic and creator.  As an artist Katy worked with a variety of media before concentrating on tapestry from 2001 as her preferred approach. She was an insomniac, well-suited to the medium as long nights allowed the works to evolve as she stitched. The abstract and geometric works draw on a wide range of influences, including Japanese, medical and architectural designs.

Selections of Katy's tapestries were exhibited at the South Coast Gallery in 2007 (Mind’s Eye) and 2009 (Visually Tactile), and at the Mahara Gallery, Waikanae, in 2010.

Katy died in 2016.