Roger Boyce
That Eighties Show
13 June - 4 July 2019


In 1986 Ned Rifkin - then curator at The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York – coined the term ‘Generic Figure’, and under that rubric brought together works by Antony Gormley, Tony Cragg, Keith Haring, A.R. Penck, Tom Otterness, Joel Schapiro, Roger Boyce, and several others, for exhibition at The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

Boyce - whose work was already gathering critical notice and gallery success in Los Angeles and in his home-region of San Francisco, was - on the heels of the New Museum exhibition - picked up by Carlo Lamagna’s Manhattan gallery, whereupon the painter relocated to New York City.

The next decade saw Boyce and other reductively figurative artists continuing to work against the neo-expressionist grain, so prevalent throughout the eighties. Boyce, while living in NY, continued to exhibit throughout the US and in Europe. During the period the great majority of the painter’s work was successfully placed in private and public collections. The artist retained a few select works, each year – paintings he’d become possessively enamoured of. Those works travelled to New Zealand when the artist relocated to the antipodes and are now on exhibition with and offered by {Suite}, Wellington.


Details of available works by Roger Boyce may be viewed in our secure online catalogue, here.