Rob Cherry


‘I know some artists are accused of sabotaging themselves by changing-up the minute people show an interest in their work; I'd like to think that I am not one of them. In fact, I see how you could run with a brand as an artist and, more than likely, do rather well. But that's not me either.

Rob Cherry lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand, and has maintained a diverse artistic practice for over the past two decades.

While known for his sculpture work and ready-mades which bring together collections of found objects - from car wash sponges, brooms and fly swatters, to fake deli meats and sausage links, inspired by butchery windows in Berlin - Cherry's recent exhibitions have started to focus on mixed media collage, appropriating historical and vintage imagery and sometimes combining it with digital components. Bordering precariously on the surreal, his collages amalgamate and juxtapose images of fast food, pop culture, and figurative portraits.


Influenced by the likes of Marcel Duchamp and Alexander Calder - evident in his interest in ready-mades, mobiles and the conflation of ancient sculpture with modern technology - his works confront the "absurdity of our existence, how we are basically killing time by inventing meaning and worthiness".


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